The translation

CV Pro Recruitment partners with an international team of professional translators. These first language team of professional translators is specialized across various sectors to ensure not only the perfect translations of the words but also the industry-specific jargon.

The benefits of translating your CV

Why is it important to translate your CV or Résumé

Your career related documentation is “your business card” and part of your personal brand in the working sector – don’t take away from years of study and experience with a mediocre CV. For an effective translation of your CV or résumé, you must rely on a professional to enhance your skillset and expertise in the best possible way.

A CV or résumé that is perfectly translated into the language of your choice can make a difference in opening doors to better career opportunities.

Often there are cultural or industry differences that must be taken into account during the translation. We will ensure that your career related documents corresponds exactly to your market segment’s expectations.

The outcomes

This service was created to satisfy those who’d like to have a properly written career related document; it makes the difference between getting an interview and having your application blocked by the ATS bots.

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