A new approach

CV Pro Recruitment offers a unique and exciting approach to applying for your ideal position.

A well-made video, animation, or website CV is an effective way to let your personality shine and impress recruiters or hiring managers.
Video, animation, and website CV’s are increasingly popular (especially if you are applying for a position abroad). With employers typically inundated with applications for every advertised role, it’s important to make your CV stand out.

One way that career-savvy graduates are doing this is by submitting their CV in video, animation, or website format.
Despite the common perception that video, animation, and website CVs are only applicable to certain vocations, they can get you noticed by recruiters and hiring managers in any sector.

This is an excellent way to showcase your portfolio, skills, and expertise in a creative and exciting way.


Introducing the video, animation or website CV's

A video, animation, and website CV is a short visual recording used by a candidate to apply for a job. Instead of replacing traditional CVs.
We will write a tailor-made and industry-specific interview script that will assist you in landing that perfect opportunity.

When to use the video, animation or website CV

A video, animation, and website CV are most commonly used to apply for creative and customer-facing roles in sectors such as advertising, creative arts, marketing, media, public relations, sales, and marketing.

A video, animation, and website CV does not have to be restricted to particular jobs or industries.

The outcome

To highlight a candidate’s skills and experience while giving employers an insight into their personality.

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